KLOUD Premieres Debut Album ‘AUTONOMY’

KLOUD mesmerizes listeners with his new debut album that reaches across genres.

KLOUD continues to impress through his distinct aural branding with the release of his debut album AUTONOMY.

The masked producer demands attention from all ears as “OVERTURE” marks the beginning of the album, shining with a theatrical entry that preludes the familiar single “VIRUS.” Carrying with themes of artificial intelligence and technology throughout his music, “VIRUS” walks a border between KLOUD’s industrial sound and an ardent urgency marked by the vocals.

Tracks to hear from KLOUD’s AUTONOMY

Ramping up the ride through the album, “INSOMNIA” invades minds with an infectious beat that buries deep with a dark sound characterized by punching analog synths. Meanwhile, the track “BLOOD” confronts listeners with a candid sound brought about by the song’s lyrics.

Although “DELETE” winds down the tempo, the album’s intensity remains at the forefront in preparation for the beat that trails with “AURAL HEMATOMA” that will leave techno fans everywhere hypnotized.

As previously noted, despite KLOUD bringing themes of artificial intelligence and technology in his music, he also introduces an intimate human touch as proven by “FOLLOW ME” and “DISCONNECT.”

With “YN” marking the second to last track, KLOUD amplifies the energy to an all-time high as the song’s first drop introduces a head-banging worthy beat before bumping up the tempo several notches. Finally, as AUTONOMY closes with “CODA,” listeners will want more and put the album on repeat. All the while waiting for KLOUD’s next release.

An album that no one can get tired of listening to

AUTONOMY is a stunning work that culminates KLOUD’s wide talents into a single album that knows no boundaries when it comes to genre.

To top off AUTONOMY‘s release, KLOUD will also perform an experimental live performance with Insomniac that will broadcast on YouTube and Twitch. The release of this album follows KLOUD’s impressive singles and SYNTHESIZE EP, which earned him support from Apple’s danceXL playlist, Trap Nation, Billboard Dance, and more.

Listen to KLOUD’s AUTONOMY now below via Spotify. Additionally, start downloading and streaming the album as well.

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