Koschka Blast EP: Techno Turns to the Dark

Koschka Blast EP features three track's showcasing deep house synth layering on hard techno beats

Diving into the darker vibes coming from those deep house synth layers is Koschka. Again, beating them up with some hard kick drums and out comes a total of three new tracks. Furthermore, this is the Koschka Blast EP.

Kochka Blast EP

Album review: Koschka Blast EP


This classic techno four-to-the-floor kick drum hits in syncopation with hi-hats would sound boring as a definition is just quite plain that way, but, “Blast” features a replacement of the hi-hat with a percussion instrument much like the ring-ing quality coming from a clunking glass bottle. As such, this track is al but a classic techno track, “Blast” is an underground techno production with Koschka’s sense of percussive elements. The result is grooving beat from the start to finish.


Steady percussion loops from before get broken up with some disorienting soundscapes. Transitioning from the grooving beat’s of “Blast” to the synth layering deep house style soundscapes of “A4sync” is audibly the most the most convincing comparison of Koschka’s attention to musical composition of rhythm and, here, sound effects and background instrumentals. Effectively, he creates a harmonious pairing that evokes the listener’s feelings of the dark.


Things get very sinusoïdale in the sense of waveform modulation of the suggested sinusoidal wave as jarring pitch slides turn these puretones into some angry acid lines. Every acid techno track has its appeal and, Koschka, draws upon that in every way listeners expect “Sinusoïdale”.

About Koschka

The French DJ and producer, Koschka, goes with deep house style synths to make create dark vibes. Fusing this musical approach with the stabbing drum hits of hard techno, Koschka, makes the German label, Hardwandler Records, one of their most eclectic imports on their hardcore techno roster (read about Laštro and Rapid Fire for other hard techno talent) .

DJ and producer, Koschka

Serving up more than just one EP on Hardwandler Records, Koschka has shared his Symmetric EP for the label just last year. An artist with the producing force for EPs, an albums, Koschka, is quite the releasing artist. Another example, is his July 2019 release of the Drakkar album on the Dreizehn Schallplatten record label. Again, treating listeners to synth layering swells of sound on hard techno.

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