Kotek Releases New Track, “Tangent”


Track Review

Kotek’s newest track, “Tangent” is complex, energetic and calming all at once. The song is mixed when it comes to genre. Kotek crosses through hip-hop, electro, house and industrial for this track and it’s truly enchanting. The track starts off with a house vibe, the build-up is long but so worth it. Round, heavy kicks keep the energy of the track high and focused. Hypnotic vibes throughout this song are all too real, “Tangent” is a unique and stimulating track.

Take a listen below:

Artist Background

Kotek, also known as Michael Milkotic is a Vancouver native who burst onto the scene in 2016. His first festival performance was Mysteryland in June 2016. Since then he has been producing quality records for Lowtemp Records.

Photo via Lowtemp Records.

Kotek’s versatility became evident when he released his first EP ‘Aurora’ in late 2016. His ability to switch between industrial, house, even jazz and metal sounds is what makes Kotek unique. Throughout 2017 and 2018, Kotek has been extremely prolific. Producing his own original tracks such as singles, “Surface” and “Red Shift”.

Kotek also collaborated with fellow Canadian DJ, Shylow on the track “Reflection Sequence”.  Another unforgettable collaboration by Kotek is one with Rezz, another Canadian DJ who has been extremely successful since releasing her album ‘Mass Manipulation’. Rezz’s album features the song “Ascension” which she and Kotek created together. Kotek’s influence in the collab is evident as the track features many of his classic industrial features and synth breaks.

Photo via Kotek Facebook Page.

Kotek’s rise to recognition has been steady and impressive. “Tangent” is exceptional and the Canadian DJ’s versatile sensibilities are definitely not to be forgotten. Keep an eye out for more from Kotek and Lowtemp Records.

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