KoY Releases “Run”

KoY Releases “Run”

KoY released her new single, “Run,” on October 12, 2017.  Aided by Matias Tellez and Jorgen Traeen “Run” was recorded at Skogen Studios in Bergen, Norway. Matias Tellez is responsible for production and mixing, while  Jorgen Traeen mastered the single. Tellez and Traeen also had a hand in KoY’s other single, “Heat.” Also, with her iconic 80’s pop sound and new wave beats KoY is gaining fans worldwide. Without a doubt, being so unique and original she considers her music to be under the genre of electronic mermaid witchcraft. This genre is suiting to her music. Hidden under her 80’s and new wave vibe, there is somewhat of a mystical, fairytale feel.  KoY matches her music very well with her style. Having fair skin and hair and bright make-up, she looks mystical and mermaid-like. Showing that its okay to be who you are, and no one should be judged for the way they look on the outside. She wants to use her music to end diversity and bring everyone together as one.

Who is She?

Koy, aka Victoria Trunova, was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia and raised in Germany. In light of having traveled to many places, such as, Berlin, Germany; Helsinki, Finland; Olso, Norway and Bergen, Norway, KoY has collected new sounds and musical influences that follow her.  Her unique sound is traveling with two releases this past year. KoY’s debut single, “Heat” was released back in March and her “Run.” KoY’s music can already be found on Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes. KoY wants to use her music to end separation of nationalities. She believes people shouldn’t be noticed by their race, gender, sexual orientation or even their nationalities. Using the power of music, KoY hopes to bring people together as one. KoY could change the world with her messages, through music, to end segregation among people.

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