KRANE Unveils Latest Album ‘SESSIONS, Vol. 3’

SESSIONS, Vol. 3 includes a myriad of sounds for every taste

KRANE offers producers a unique collaborative experience with the release of his latest album SESSIONS, Vol. 3.

From releasing music on Soundcloud in 2014 to becoming a seasoned performer at music festivals like Coachella, Ultra, and more, KRANE has garnered an expansive fanbase and attention, notably with his sample packs appearing in top 40 hits.

Using his success to champion upcoming producers, KRANE has collaborated with artists across his SESSIONS album series. Through the album series, producers submit songs for KRANE to select and collaborate with them on. SESSIONS, Vol. 3 is the latest result of the collaborative efforts.


Heimanu joins KRANE on the first song of the album, opening with explosive chord progressions in “Reva.” The song radiates with high energy, brewing an intoxicating filter of heavy percussions and tumultuous melodies. capshun and KRANE cool down the album in “Coastal,” creating an ambient of relaxation. Moreover, the song takes on a hip-hop-inspired beat and offers a chill atmosphere topped with an effortless performance of synths. Neon Sound works alongside KRANE to create “Startup,” a future bass track packed with undulating energy and punchy vocal chops.

A rollercoaster of emotions, SESSIONS, Vol. 3 rides the tunes to Akame’s “Sea of Flowers.” The song unwinds as an atmospheric stroll with oscillating synths and low kicks. Additionally, “Sea of Flowers” offers uplifting piano chords as an interlude alongside growing sweeps before winding down again. Adding to the album’s diversity, Hypercolour’s “Wildfire” teems with awe-inspiring indie electronica sensibilities.

As the album moves forward, Acyan illustrates a trap beat with enormous drops in “Mirrors,” a bellowing track fit for any festival. Meanwhile, Blue Cloud’s “Fast Lane” taps into elevating piano notes while also grazing a low-key sound with its airy synths. The song captivates listeners with promises of a worry-free soundscape.

Fans of KRANE’s older sound can let loose alongside Arbetter in “Pipeline.” Furthermore, razor-sharp synths lay the groundwork for the drop while the snares cut through for a fully robust trap experience. Aptly named, Maazel and KRANE lull listeners to an ardent state of mine in “Lullaby.”

Check out KRANE’s SESSIONS, Vol. 3 below or via your favorite music platform.

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