Green Velvet – La La Land (Prok And Fitch Sweet Sixteen Mix)

Green Velvet’s “La La Land” is a track that will forever be synonymous with resistance against substance indulgence. As a track that continues to stand against drug use at raves, it serves as a wake-up call for many. Prok and Fitch have taken on remix duties to create a tech house devastator.

Prok and Fitch’s sweet sixteen remix is a restyle to celebrate 16 years since the track originally came out in 2001. The Prok & Fitch variation on the timeless classic is a more house-driven style. While the original mix has an unearthly tone, Prok & Fitch manage to take it to the next level. Featuring a number of different vocal effects, Velvet’s voice leaves a different impression than on the original. The delay added to his voice supplies a layer of detachment from the beat and the additional reverb provides a new atmosphere to it. The beat is given a new melody using strange synth sounds and the bass line, while maintaining the same spirit as the original, uses all new note patterns. The pitched up back-up vocals are a nice touch, giving the track a new sense of a crazy, psychosis feeling.

Prok and Fitch create a new side to this classic. This is not the first time Prok and Fitch saw themselves working with Green Velvet as last year saw the release of their collaboration, ‘Sheeple’. While the remix could never replace the original, this remix is good enough to stand alongside it. As their take on “La La Land” sounds great on headphones, one can only imagine how a club would react. Judging by the duo’s massive tour schedule this summer, that question will be answered for many.

You can purchase Prok & Fitch’s remix here. This release comes out on Green Velvet’s illustrious Relief Records. You can also read more about the Relief label and it’s history here. Follow Prok & Fitch on social media to stay up to date on all releases and performances.

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