LA Riots Release New EP – Do Your Thing/All Good

LA Riots, an electronic house duo, release their new EP featuring two tracks, “Do Your Thing” and “All Good”

John O’ Brien and Daniel LeDisko ran with LA Riots back in 2007 and had only kept running ever since. The duo mixes indie rock and dance creating a style of house music. Releasing their new EP featuring the tracks, “Do Your Thing” and “All Good”, the two continue releasing music full of high energy. Stream/purchase the track here or scroll below!

Do Your Thing

“Do Your Thing” is a seven-minute track full of various drum and jazzy beats with vocals from Snoop Dogg. The track begins with a drum mix with a constant beat leading into vocals saying, “Do your thing.” As the beat increases, snare drums and melodic tunes kick in time making the listener do nothing but dance. About two minutes into the track, Snoop Dogg is sure to spread the love. With the consistency of drum beats, he says “We love what ya’ll doing” which then fades into a more upbeat rhythm. Kicking in extra drum beats and fast-paced energy, “Do Your Thing” is on repeat. Snoop continues to spread the gratitude by saying, “You know we don’t have no problem, do your thing. We love what ya’ll doing.”

Just after midway through the track, the tune kicks into a funky jazz mix adding a hit of saxophone to keep the dance energy flowing. The faced pace track thrives into a mixture of funky tunes making the listener bust into their best shuffle. Six minutes into the song, what sounds to be bongos begin to chime in, continuing the repetitive drum beat which then fades into the closing of the track.

All Good

“All Good” is another great addition to the new EP adding another electrifying seven-minute-long track. The intro is a single snare drum then leads into a faster beat and soon to be vocals. Fading in,  vocals release, “And it’s all good” as a drum roll kicks off into the first drop.  Creating a tropical dance, a bongo style continues through the middle of the track as the words “All good” are on repeat.

As the groovy style continues, the vocals release the following message: “I guess it’d be the same things they’ve always celebrated just kinda a joy of existence. A joy of existence. A joy…” As the inspiring message closes, “All Good” plays over the message creating an acapella of vocals. The last-minute adds a vibrant sample leading into a bongo mix that finishes out the song.

LA Riots

LA Riots has had a number of productions including remixes of Weezer and Lady Gaga. They have toured alongside The Crystal Method, The Bloody Beatroots, MSTRKRFT as well as many other talented artists. The duo has performed at big events such as Coachella, Ultra, and Lollapalooza.

They have released several EP’s including This Feeling featuring the two tracks, “This Feeling” and “All or Nothing”. At the end of 2017, they released their House Philosophy and Ladies Man EP. Creating some of the best club music, the two are not stopping anytime soon. Recently they have made way onto the Atlanta label Psycho Disco. Psycho Disco has several release dates coming shortly with all new music. Stop in at their showcase at Miami Music Week, March 22nd, ft. DJ Pierre,  Todd Terry, Codes, and many others.


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