Laidback Luke Drops Techno ‘No. 1’ EP as DARK CHANELL

Laidback Luke returns to his techno roots as DARK CHANELL with latest EP, 'No. 1'

Laidback Luke debuts his techno alias DARK CHANELL with the release of his 4-track EP titled No. 1 via his own imprint Mixmash Records.

Lucas van Scheppingen, known professionally by his stage name Laidback Luke, has dominated the electronic dance music scene with his nearly two-decade longstanding career. First stepping into the spotlight with his techno work, Laidback Luke garnered support from Marco Bailey and Joachim Garraud. Additionally, events like I Love Techno and Technoparade saw the Dutch-Filipino producer taking its stages. Laidback Luke also continued his career in techno, releasing two EPs under his techno alias as BOOM!. Fast forward to today, the producer returns to the techno world with his new project underway, DARK CHANELL.

The First DARK CHANELL EP, No. 1

Kicking off the EP, Laidback Luke as DARK CHANELL offers listeners the eerie “PURPUR.” The track pulses with its ricocheting synths alongside bold kicks, lingering with a funky tune that ultimately culminates in oscillating synths that burst into a faster tempo.

“PURPUR” seamlessly transitions to the EP’s next offering, “OCTAGON.” Meanwhile, plunging across the scales, DARK CHANELL lays heavy with a shifting sound and percussive elements. The track divulges a sense of urgency marked by its staccato synths.

Moving fast, DARK CHANELL engineers a bold atmosphere with “TROMMEL.” “TROMMEL” pushes forward with analog-sounding synths dominating the soundscape. Moreover, as the song heads way a little over its midpoint, Laidback Luke unravels a sweltering shift in sound. In a rollercoaster of sounds, the producer brings back the percussions before altering to a minimalist working. Not long after, the song erupts with its dark sounds.

Closing out the EP, “TRAITOR” resounds with an orchestral working. Amid the haunting interlude, the track returns to its echoing, edging workings. The track presents a grudging atmosphere with its thick synths laying out the groundwork.

Listen to Laidback Luke/DARK CHANELL’s No. 1 EP below or check it out via your favorite music streaming platform.

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