Lastlings Release New Single ‘No Time’ With Animated Video

Lastlings has returned with their signature dark pop electronica sound. The live electronic music siblings tell a moving story through dreamy ethereal basslines and transportive visuals. In fact, the inspiration of their newest track ‘No Time’ comes from their Japanese heritage and love for anime. ‘No Time’, has a telling music video that unleashes the depths of the duo’s project. The music video features Lastlings as animated characters running from the grips of time. Kazuo Ishiguro’s dystopian science fiction novel Never Let Me Go and Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue inspired ‘No Time’. The track tussles with one’s final breaths and the idea of what is very important when we know we don’t have much longer to live. 

Lastlings recently released their addictive tune, ‘Take My Hand’. The track came out after the siblings signed onto the Astralwerks record label in the beginning of this year. One of their favorite animes, ‘Your Name’, by Makoto Shinkai, also influenced ‘Take My Hand’. Commended by underground and house tastemakers alike, ‘Take My Hand’ was reworked into uniquely different sounds from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Torren Foot. Australia does not disappoint when it comes to providing top-notch dance talent and Lastlings are next to pave the way. Listen to ‘No Time’ by Lastlings here.

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