The Dark Illusion EP by Laštro Brings Hard Techno with Scary Vibes

Two tracks with a dark, organic sound

Album Review

The Dark Illusion EP comes out ahead of the Darkness Album by Laštro and it is a treat. Love those moments when releasing artists space their releases apart in this way. Makes for a nice build up to the final album release. These sounds are made possible from the releasing label Hardwandler Records.

The Dark Illusion EP Laštro is out now via Hardwandler Records

As for the the build, here, Laštro has two hard techno tracks on this EP. Both have a solid dose of spooky vibes. For listeners craving more of these dark sounds will not have to go much longer before adding more tracks by Laštro once the Darkness album drops. For now enjoy, these two tracks “Koshmar” and “Dandara” from the playlist below. Furthermore, they are available exclusively from Beatport.

Dark Illusion EP by Laštro


“Koshmar” has a suspenseful vibe. Eery even. Metallic sound effects give this track an industrial feel. Also, the risers sound like a UFO taking flight. The synth arps have a vocal quality and their airy texture adds a doomy vibe.


“Dandara” continues the mysterious feelings with it is sound effects. From risers that build up the tension, to the breaks that release a dark energy. The kick drum has a nice tonal quality and a hard knock. At high volume it is heavy, and ruthless. Furthermore, the noise echo during the break gives this track a strange flavor that is musically appealing. Overall, this track is cool and creepy.

About Laštro

Laštro is a DJ and producer of electronic music, most especially, hard techno. The Dark Illusion EP is exemplary of his fondness for the darker sounds. Furthermore, this EP is just one of many exciting releases from Laštro this summer 2019. Later this summer, the Darkness album will release featuring eight intense hard techno tracks that are, as the album title suggests, dark.

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