Leibniz “Bubble Tune” is Bursting with Techno Beats

Out now on the Hundert record label

Friendly bubbles pop in rhythm to some menacing trance pluck arpeggios and a fat thumping bass drum. This ensemble plays out in true techno style. Have a listen to Leibniz “Bubble Tune”. This track is bursting bubbles to some serious beats.

Track review

As the bubbles seem to pop randomly from the sloshing watery soundscape in the intro, there seems no musical purpose to these bubbles, other than to create an ambience. As the track progresses, however, the random popping of the bubbles evolves. They begin sounding off in an arpeggio matching the grooving beat. As such, these bubbles pop musically, thus, creating the bubble tune after which the track is named–“Bubble Tune”.

These playful bubbles prove to the potential to match the track’s dark vibes. Leibniz brings these dark vibes with the menacing trance plucks and beastly bass drum. Overall, this creative instrumentation of the bubbles’ paradoxica vibes make for an emotionally packed ride from bright bibes to the darkest of feelings.

Leibniz “Bubble Tune” is on of three track from the Hydron EP. Each have a dark yet playful vibe set into techno style beats with unexpected instrumentals. Fun and refreshing, the EP is creative touch on alternative techno.

About Leibniz

Straight out of the German techno community, Leibniz offers alternative instrumentals to the techno style in is creative productions. Keep up with him in his musical endeavors from his socials.

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