Lenell Brown Single: “We’ll Make It Through” on Clipper’s Sounds

Clipper’s Sounds resident vocalist Lenell Brown returns with a all new release called “We’ll Make It Through”. From the very first beat, Lenell Brown’s stunning vocals consume the track. All the while bright, cheerful music plays. “We’ll Make It Through” has a classic upbeat EDM anthem feel. Furthermore, this track has got summer vibes, too.

Track review: Lenel Brown “We’ll Make It Through”

As the track progresses, it begins to rise and fall with the sound of Lenell’s voice until the drop where heavier synths kick in. Those synths paired perfectly with the catchy sing-along lyrics. Lenell has seen storming success this year with the release of “One Day” and its recent remixes. Not to mention the hit tune “Running Away” furthermore.

About Lenell Brown

As always, Lenell Brown’s partner in crime, Ben Mühlethaler, has worked his production talent in studio collaborations. They have worked on many releases together. Each ensuring the quality of their productions are perfect every time.

Lenell Brown also enlisted the help of Grammy Award-winning engineer James Hoover (Hoover Sound) for mixing and mastering duties on “We’ll Make It Through”. The duo have been working together for an incredible 11 years. With hours of hard work going into every release, it is clear to see how Lenell Brown has become cream of the crop.

“We’ll Make It Through” is out now on Clipper’s Sounds. Download and stream it here.

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