“Let Me Go” – Duke Dumont and RY X Create Chilling Single

Duke Dumont releases collaborative banger, "Let Me Go" with RY X

Duke Dumont is a successful British DJ, accumulating over 2.5 billion streams across his previous songs. Dumont has kept his fans waiting almost five years for a new album. His last album, released in 2015, included his single “Ocean Drive”. “Ocean Drive” is a disco-pop song that brought his fans back in time. With the anticipation of Dumont’s new album “Duality”, it seemed only fair to give fans a sneak peek with three songs being released thus far.

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“Let Me Go”

Australian singer-songwriter, RY X, takes care of the vocals on “Let Me Go”. The beginning of the song begins with undeniable emotion, as it transitions into Dumont’s style: House Electronica. Fans have responded positively to “Let Me Go” in the comments under his YouTube visualizer. Some of the comments include “2020 is Duke Dumont’s year”, “I just wanna lay in my bed and let the music run through my veins”, and “You man, have just filled my brain with the most beautiful melody that one could ask for”. Dumont portrayed honest emotion in “Let Me Go”, and fans are living for it.


One of the other two songs that have been released so far is “Therapy”. Dumont told Apple Music that “Therapy” is “an organic follow-up to [his] 2014 song ‘Won’t Look Back,’ five years later, I’ve matured personally and musically. ‘Therapy’ is a representation of that.” These words perfectly describe how fans hear the song. “Therapy” is guaranteed to bring nostalgia to fans.

“Love Song”

The last of the three songs on pre-release is called “Love Song”. With a slow build-up and awesome transition into his deep house style, Dumont has fans nodding their heads to the beat. The vocals repeat “I love you” over and over again, subconsciously making fans wonder what or who he is thinking about.

The 10-track LP, “Duality”, will be released April 17, 2020. Fans will be listening to the three pre-released songs as they wait. You can pre-order “Duality” here.

What’s Next for Dumont?

To conclude, Dumont is expected to have a big year after the release of this LP. He was booked to take the stage at Coachella in April, but with the postponement of the event, only time will tell if attendees with have the opportunity to see him in October. In the meantime, check out his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay updated on what’s next.

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