Liquid Stranger releases ‘Polarity’ EP on his Wakaan Label

Out now on his own Wakaan label, dubstep pioneer Liquid Stranger has released his latest EP PolarityThe six-track EP rounds out at 30 minutes long with collaborations including Shlump, Bleep Bloop, Freddy Todd, and Pistol.

Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN label has become one of the leading forces in the experimental bass music scene, with artists like Space Jesus, Peekaboo, Dirt Monkey, Esseks, and more all finding proper and successful releases on the label.

Stream/download the new EP Polarity on all platforms here or listen below.

Album Analysis

Polarity opens with “Meteor Ride”, a five-minute voyage through low-end bass with ethereal synthesizer melodies that skip and plink around almost as if listeners are sailing through space on the surface of a beautiful falling star.

Segueing into “Creature”, a collaboration with Shlump, this second track on this EP picks up tempo and harnesses a heavier vibe, certainly a headbanger-worthy track.

“Paranoid” with Bleep Bloop embodies the freeform bass movement with different segments of the song switching from experimental to full-on bass bombs.

“Gunslinger Pt. II feat. Pistol” was the first single released from this EP and it follows a similar tone as the previous track, experimental yet heavy.

“Mind Over Matter” is the fifth track on the EP. Rounding out just over five minutes long, Liquid Stranger takes a slightly more down-tempo approach to this song. However, after the midsong sample from someone seemingly in outer space, fans are greeted with an experimental breakdown that will dizzy the minds of all who listen.

Completing the EP is “Saturn Cruiser”, a collaboration with Freddy Todd. This track possesses elements of downtempo dub along with a much more mellow melody that coalesces as the song finally reaches a peaceful finish.


  1. Meteor Rided
  2. Creature (w/ Shlump)
  3. Paranoid (w/ Bleep Bloop)
  4. Gunslinger Pt. II feat. Pistol
  5. Mind Over Matter
  6. Saturn Cruiser (w/ Freddy Todd)

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