Ariel Pink – For Kate I Wait (Lola Blanc aka BUTTER cover) [We Are: The Guard]

Lola Blanc ’s alter pop ego “Butter” brings the listener on a journey back to the 80’s with her newest release. The song “For Kate I Wait”, originally created by Ariel Pink, now has a synth pop twist. Produced by “Night Sequels” and “Freesha”’s own Nick Huntington then topped off with Butter’s sultry voice creates an up-beat sense of feeling.

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Butter creates her own style different from the original track. Both electronic but both providing a completely different vibe per listen. Ariel Pink’s melodies are both moody and dark while Butter’s cover brings on spunk. Her main persona Lola Blanc, has received support from many artists of different genres with her EP “The Magic EP”. The electro-pop sound earned her a leading #1 spot on HypeMachine’s Twitter Charts last year.  

Who is Butter?

“Butter is a little shinier, but still kind of weird,” says Lola Blanc about her alter-ego. Lola Blanc created Butter to experiment with electronic pop vibes as an artistic escape. After the “For Kate I Wait” cover she plans on releasing a new cover to continue her experimentation. With a love for pop Lola enjoys being on the outskirts of its sound making way for things other than generic. Her creativity and “weird” upbringing allows her to embrace different styles and carry them with an open mind which will bring her to success in the different styles she follows.

Lola has a strive for making things happen. From a young age she loved writing songs and as she grew up used it as a way to escape from her struggles throughout her adolescent years. In her younger years she toured schools with her mother as a ventriloquist / motivational speaking duo. As she grew she struggled with hardships but always had music on her mind. She knew she wanted to be part of that and never stopped working towards it no matter what hurdles she encountered and her strive is what brought her to her success today.



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