Lorely Mur Releases “Brain Drain Daydreamer” on Lakota Raw

Gritty and forceful from the moment you press play, Lorely Mur’s “Brain Drain Daydreamer” is a Techno track that does exactly what it says on the tin with its slightly chaotic feel and outstanding beats that would certainly not be out of place on major festival and club stages. Featuring strange percussive elements and haunting vocals, Lorely builds up the track piece by piece to create a vibe that is totally unmatchable.

Showing off her exceptional kills, Lorely strips the track to its bare bones mid-way through, teasing a drop and generating an intense atmosphere throughout before really kicking things up a notch introducing a pumping bassline that goes straight to your soul. Engineering highs and lows, there is never a minute within “Brain Drain Daydreamer” where you are not entertained.

Who is Lorely Mur?

Lorely Mur is something of a stand-out breakthrough artist in the dance scene as she has constantly impressed with her deep and dark Techno hits such as ‘The Route Of Voyager 2’, her critically acclaimed ‘Frisson’ EP and her remix of KAS:ST’s ‘Road To Nowhere’. Her talents have taken her across the US and Mexico and have supported some of the biggest names in the industry such as Juliet Fox, Christian Smith, Deborah De Luca and Helena Hauff along with being the main headlining herself at events like Zulu and Da Groove.

The “Brain” remix from Mon.Ton

“Brain Drain Daydreamer” also comes with an incredible ‘Brain’ remix from Mon.Ton. Known for delivering deep, dark and crisp productions, Mon.Ton has developed a heavier and faster mix with more melodic elements hidden within the background. He adds another dimension to the sounds but still preserving the essence of the original. Mon.Ton is responsible for sensational hits such as the Green Fairy EP and more recently “Aphrodit ve Myrrha“.

Lorely Mur’s “Brain Drain Daydreamer” is out now on Lakota Raw. Download and stream the track by clicking on this link now.

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After listening to the track, feel free to follow Lorely Mur on SoundCloud and Instagram.

Follow Mon.Ton online

Additionally, follow Mon.Ton, also known as Toma Hawk, as well. He has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Mixcloud.

Listen to “Brain Drain Daydreamer

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