Lostly – Fall (Original Mix)

If you’ve been feeling burnt-out over the emphasis on psy and tech in the trance scene, there’s hope. The hope comes in the form of Lostly, one of the most under-rated, synthesizer addicts in the trance scene. Lostly returns with his brand new release on Monster Force Records. “Fall” is the successor of “Galaxy of Blue”, his debuting track on the Monster Force label.

“Fall” starts out as a beautiful uplifting tune, with soft chords and a spacey atmosphere; it is highlighted by an ambient synth in the background that is replaced by hearty chords and emotional plucks that take the listener into a new vacuum of sound. The aftermath of this spacey sound is a snarefill that transitions into the harder phase of this tune, which sounds like the listener is falling through the atmosphere. The listener burns up as a calming tune becomes utter chaos amidst a trance high energy banger.

Photo by Kazumi

Lostly shows us again why he’s the most under-rated trance producers out there. This track is only one example of his versatility as a musician and as an artist. The blend of styles takes the track in a great direction. It’s also note-worthy realizing that “Fall” doesn’t really revolve around just one central melody. The tune relies on atmosphere alone, and doesn’t base it on a generic template that a lot of modern trance tends to use. “Fall” is a step in the right path and helps assure that Lostly is not losing his touch.

If you enjoyed this track, please show your support by buying his work here. You can catch Lostly this summer at the Luminosity beach festival in the Netherlands. Feel free to visit his social media via the links below to catch up on his events and latest releases.




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