Love Regenerator “Live Without Your Love” Remixes Out Now

Love Regenerator's "Live Without Your Love" features remixes from Mark Broom, Solardo, MK, and Honey Dijon.

The official remixes of Love Regenerator‘s “Live Without Your Love” dropped this weekend. Calvin Harris originally released the single earlier this summer under his newly created Love Regenerator moniker.

“Live Without Your Love” offers remixes from Mark Broom, Solardo, MK, and Honey Dijon. Additionally, both Mark Broom and Solardo contributed several remixes to the pack. Coupled with Steve Lacy’s serene and provocative vocals, each of the remixes offers a unique spin on the funky track.

First up on the remix pack, Mark Broom sends listeners down the runway with bold piano chords and hi-hats to match. He follows up two additional contributions, including an acid mix and a dub mix.

Solardo adds a retro spin to the song in their remix and packs the song with a striking flavor. The duo also conjures a bass mix to add a punch to the “Live Without Your Love” remixes.

The song also visits MK’s studio and returns with a fierce and mesmerizing track that bounces to a beat of its own.

Lastly, Honey Dijon carries “Live Without Your Love” with class and a groovy sax to amplify the song’s danceability.

While each remix produces a unique sound of its own, they each take turns owning the dance floor.

Check out the remixes of Love Regenerator’s “Live Without Your Love” here:

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