Lucii Returns With New EP ‘Wicked’, Out Now via WAKAAN

Lucii's new 'Wicked' EP has a lot of amazing, vibrant bass sounds

Freeform bass producer Lucii returns to the release radar with her sophomore EP, Wicked. Lucii has returned after receiving great praise for her recent single, “Till The Day I Die“. The four-track Wicked EP arrives just in time for Halloween, the artist’s favorite holiday.

In fact, Wicked highlights her knack for creating relentless bass cuts. To mark Lucii’s debut EP release on WAKAAN, fans can download and stream Wicked now across all platforms. First though, here are comments about the notable tracks.

Lucii’s Wicked brings out the festive mood for Halloween

Lucii’s Wicked kicks off with “Spell“. It is a lively tune that immediately begins with a softly resonant vocal and deep, brooding tone. It quickly picks up the pace and unveils powerful, glitchy bass drops that round out the rest of the nearly three-and-a-half-minute sonic offering.

Till The Day I Die” features Lucii’s piano skills, her melodic vocals, and colorful instrumentation to create an atmospherically heady dance music gem. The EP’s penultimate headbanging-inducing track, “Wonky“, is a bass-laden club-ready weapon that serves as quintessential Lucii at her absolute best. Wicked‘s final song, “Vibe“, provides a harmonious vocal with a strong, propelling beat that vibrates throughout the whole song.

The electrifying DJ from Orlando to look out for

Lucii is a DJ/producer from Orlando who began producing her own signature bass music style two years ago. Her debut four-track Abduction EP came out on October 2018 to critical acclaim. She would eventually sign to Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN in March 2019 as the first woman on the label. Lucii’s first release on the imprint was her single “Neptune“, which earned high regards.

Since becoming an electronic music artist, Lucii has collaborated with rising Australian dance music talent Tek Genesis, U.K. dubstep titan DirtySnatcha, Montreal-based bass DJ/producer Sam Lamar, and esteemed WAKAAN staple Champagne Drip. At 96,000 combined streams across platforms, Lucii set a high precedent with the release of “Till The Day I Die”. That track had set a precedent rife with lofty expectations that she effectively exceeds with all the best ways audibly possible. Wicked marks the rising talent’s second EP, fourth original production of the new decade, first WAKAAN-released EP, and eighth overall release on the label.

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