LUNDØN’s Releases “Don’t Turn This Car Around”

This is a great rock-inspired track

NYC-based DJ/producer duo LUNDØN and singer/songwriter Loveless offer their newest collaboration. ‘Don’t Turn This Car Around’ merges the rock and EDM world with this summer hit. After releasing solo for quite some time, Justin Peeling and Jeff Updike joined forces to create LUNDØN. The track directly follows Peeling’s recent release ‘Ride Or Die’ alongside Kramos, as well as Loveless’ new track ‘Down Again’.

The track is quite surprising when you first listen to it. You may expect a thumping bassline or a sudden drop. Not here. Instead, you get a beautifully composed track which can be used for many occasions. The vocals, courtesy of Loveless, match the track’s mellow vibe. Want to know what a ‘feel good’ songs sounds like? ‘Don’t Turn This Car Around’ is a perfect example of this.

Overall, LUNDØN’s hard-hitting dance music production elements act as a great addition to the pop-rock sensibilities Loveless is so well-known for, in turn crafting the perfect sonic marriage between dance music and indie rock.

Loveless approached us with the song in 2018, but I felt like it needed something more, so it sat on the back burner, until now, and we produced it into what it is today. The song is about metaphorically not turning the car around. In life, we face obstacles, and despite those obstacles, we need to always be traveling forward no matter how hard it gets. We chose Loveless to sing on the song because we worked with him on our previous track, ‘You & Me,’ and decided to try something different.


You can download and stream the track here:

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