Lyonbrotherz Latest Release “Heartstrings” with Jay Valée and Pengwin is Out Now

The big-room style track,"Heartstrings", is out now on League Of Lyons

The Lyonbrotherz are going back to their roots with their latest release “Heartstrings”. They have teamed up with Atlanta DJ and Producer Pengwin to create an EDM track with big-room sounds. Furthermore, it has heavy influences from R&B and hip-hop. Also, the track features the incredible voice of German vocalist Jay Vallée.

Track Review

“Heartstrings” begins with melodic acoustic guitars and a stunning vocal that portrays the emotional lyrics perfectly. Then swelling synths fill the background and the rest of the production kicks into the mix. The stripped back R&B styled verses really enhance the impact of the chorus. Moreover, it emphasises the complex percussive elements and bright melodies.

The musicality in “Heartstrings” is impressive. Not so much Lyonbrotherz usual style of high-energy dance floor fillers; however, with a track as good as this, it is nothing to complain about at all.

About the Artists


After moving to the USA from the Dominican Republic, Pengwin fell in love with Electro and Progressive House. He began building his career, since then and he has had amazing success with EP releases. Also, he has played major events such as BlackOut Music Festival, Summerfest and TomorrowWorld.

Jay Vallée

Jay Vallée is a singer and songwriter. She has become a staple in the EDM scene with her powerful vocals and deep lyrics. She has featured on a ton of releases. Furthermore, Jay Vallée has performed at gigs such as Prisma Dortmund, WORLD CLUB DOME and BigCityBeats.


Two perfect artists whose styles blend effortlessly with the unstoppable force that is the Lyonbrotherz.Cousins by blood and brothers in music, Daniel and Keven pride themselves on their work ethic and enthusiasm. Their passion for music has led them to set up their very own label, League of Lyons. They also help to nurture upcoming talents in both EDM and hip-hop. From producing hip-hop beats as a hobby to an EDM festival changing their careers forever, the duo have become an absolute musical powerhouse.

“Heartstrings” is out now on League Of Lyons. Purchase here.

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