Natixx and Lyonbrotherz Join forces to Release “Different Ways” on League of Lyons

A strong club-style track

Teamwork makes the dream work. This is the case with this four-producer collaboration among EDM duos the Lyonbrotherz and Natixx. “Different Ways” is a bright and upbeat tune that instantly gives off good vibes. They use classic instrumentation, blending it with the the characteristics of true EDM style.

Track Review

Deep and mysterious vocals fill the track. Then, the energy raising drop kicks in inducing a hands up style dance track. The merging of energy between the two duos has proven to be a stroke of genius. As such, any festival, any club set dropping this track will be welcomed with open arms–and ears. “Different Ways” is truly a major release for both parties.

About the Artists


The Lyonbrotherz have been a duo to watch for some time now as they have released several top tracks such as “Liberty”, “Hit The Floor” and “Space”. Having had a background originally in producing Hip Hop beats, they bring their range of musical influences to their productions which sets them apart from others in the EDM scene. The Lyonbrotherz have also taken their love of music and put it into their record label League of Lyons where they give platforms to artists on the rise such as Pengwin, Jay Valée and of course Natixx.


German duo Natixx are fairly new to the game as a duo but are by no means someone to sleep on, in just two years since forming they have had several signed releases, track features attracting a million views and an 8000-capacity gig. As the duo work with the Lyonbrotherz in the months to come you can expect many more releases of this calibre.

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