Maarten Vorwerk releases sample pack for producers

Maarten Vorwerk‘s role in dance music is somewhat paradoxical. The notion of being a “ghost producer” generally implies a sense of anonymity, but Vorwerk’s ubiquity as a covert writer in commercial EDM has led to his becoming famous in his own right. Since broaching the public eye for his role in producing high profile tracks like Sandro Silva and Quintino’s “Epic,” Vorwerk has utilized his platform to help aspiring producers develop their skills. The clandestine savant has released weekly production tips to his followers on Facebook for several years, which he compiled into a massive zip file in December 2015.

Like KSHMR, Vorwerk has released sample packs in the past. Now, sound design company Alonso Sound has partnered back up with Vorwerk to present the Maarten Vorwerk Spire Soundset. Vorwerk’s newest soundset includes 128 Sylenth1 presets, spanning six different categories. Currently, the sample pack is available for $39, but the price will raise to $49 on September 7. The Maarten Vorwerk Spire Soundset is available for purchase here, and a demo featuring samples from the set in use is embedded below.

H/T: Your EDM


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