Maceo Plex- “The Tesseract” EP [Ellum]


Maceo Plex releases the “Tesseract EP” under his esteemed label Ellum. We follow Maceo Plex on a journey through an outer dimensional sound that hems in his trademark production.

The Tesseract

Starting with the EP’s title track, Maceo Plex takes on a very classic approach in terms of production. It’s his signature sound teeming with the dark over tones. The bass drum and violins set in the background are what really get you. Think of walking through a grave yard or haunted house ride in layman’s terms. Overall, it’s a very ominous sounding track. The slow build from the very strange intro distorts everything and gives you a past-to-future picture warp in your mind. A tesseract is a fourth dimensional cube- a cube within a cube if you will. It almost feels to deem this appropriate to stick into L’engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time” as the story surrounds time travel with a Tesseract. The track’s intro seems of a sample from walking down the street in some period in the past. A perfection of an intro track to anything really.

5th Dimensional Groove

It seems apropos the name on this one when fore mentioning a wrinkle in time. In the novel, it is explained that the Tesseract is the 5th dimension. You get introduced into this concept with the title track, launching you into the 5th dimensional groove. Brilliant. This track on the EP is a bit on the lighter side in comparison to “The Tesseract”. It features tech house producer Swayzak. Perhaps their contribution to the track is what places this track on a tech house side of things. The buildup is quicker for starters. Like its name suggest its groovier and a lot more danceable. The track fades in and out constantly, kind of like you’re travelling through tunnels. The decrescendo in the track is the cherry on top of this track. At about 3 minutes in the track lowers in tone. All that remains are the melody at very low volume and rhythm kept with the cymbals. Maceo and Swayzak bring it back and transform the track again to keep things new.

Due for release shortly is Estornel’s highly anticipated album “Solar”. It is set to be out on the 18th of June. This is an album that was announced in the works two years ago. There will definitely be that essential sound you find in the Tesseract EP. You can go ahead and listen to more of Maceo Plex below and follow below.


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