Machinedrum Remixes Robotaki’s Track “Satisfied”

A Satisfying Remix

The Science EP was almost to a closing until Machinedrum’s remix of “Satisfied.” Robotaki approached Machinedrum looking for a recreation of his own track. Machinedrum remixed and curated the track on his own adding the perfect closer for the EP.

Robotaki spent his time reaching out to various friends and artists who could remix his tracks with new rhythmic styles. Released on Majestic Casual Records in April, the Science EP had reached 58,000 hits within the first month of debuting. It had also reached ten million streams on Spotify.


Machinedrum’s production combined vocals with a melodic rhythm adding his signature techniques to recreate the track in a unique way. It is a reflection of the energetic side that both artists have on American dance music.

Robotaki addresses the process for finding a remixer:

When my team and I were thinking of artists to hit up for remixes, we wanted to have a collection of remixes that would truly change the way the original tracks felt and sounded. Machinedrum was someone who was at the top of our list from the start.

I always thought his music, especially his remixes (his Eyesdown remix of Bonobo is so good), pushed the comfortable boundaries of genres while still somehow staying within reach of a more mainstream electronic music listener. Travis’s creative, electric and hard-hitting take on Satisfied is everything I could’ve hoped for!


Also known as Preston Chin, he is a Toronto-native producer and artist. He earned a masters degree in cell biology from McGill University before taking a different path into his musical passion. Chin first earned a spotlight from his “Ghostboy” single which hit #1 on Spotify globally, #4 on Billboard Dance, and #6 on Spotify U.S.

Preston Chin

Robotaki’s music takes a new look on the funk and disco scene as he continues to release original music. He has also remixed songs such as “Closer” by The Chainsmokers and has worked with artists like Madeon and Porter Robinson.


Machinedrum began creating glitch-hop music during the early 2000s. Also known as Travis Steward, he has transformed his music taste through a cycle of house and dubstep, ending with the perfect music inside and outside of the club lifestyle.

Steward has released music also known as Syndrone, Tstewart, Neon Black, and Aden. He has collaborated with several artists such as Jimmy Edgar, Jim Coles, and Praveen Sharma. Machinedrum continues to stand out through his range of musical talent.

Travis Stewart



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