Mako Unveils “Again” Ahead of Sophomore Album Release

Mako's newest single "Again" is released via Ultra Music and his second album will come out later this year

Mako, born as Alex Seaver, has introduced his latest single “Again” via Ultra Music. Mako’s “Again” follows up on his recent releases of “Coyote“, “Chameleon” and “Parable” earlier this year. “Again” will stir anticipation for the release of his sophomore album, Fable, and everyone can start downloading and streaming this track NOW.

Mako created this track as something colorful that blends diverse musical sounds. In fact, the track starts with an airy piano melody. Afterwards, Mako brought out his vocals onto “Again” as they float an ever-changing sonic soundscape.

The very interesting rhythms of Mako’s “Again”

“Again” merged future-bass influences with acoustic and orchestral elements. These elements would later form a dark, intriguing and charming electro-alternative anthem. This track serves as an example of how Mako has moved in a new creative direction since releasing his debut album Hourglass.

Mako has showcased his undeniable musical talent with each new release in his discography. As a multi-talented, world-class producer, his dedication to his craft is evident as he expands the project into new territories. In fact, his recent singles “Parable”, “Chameleon”, “Murder”, “Breathe” and “Coyote” have all given glimpses of what to expect in the upcoming album, Fable.

Mako talks about “Again”

“This entire record has been about challenging myself.  Taking something familiar while reaching for something else that I haven’t heard before.  With ‘Again’, I really hoped to take on that dense, awe-some, and melancholic effect of a full orchestra – and press it through the filter of a grooving electronic cutout”.

Mako describing the creative process of “Again”

Mako’s work in the past decade

Since starting his music career in 2011, he has produced innovative singles one after another. Some famous electronic music stars he has worked with included the likes of Illenium, Lindsey Stirling, R3HAB and Steve Angello. Aside from planning to release his sophomore album, Mako has continued providing his talents to the video game industry.

Lately, he has supported his work with popular video game League of Legends alongside Riot Games. In fact, Mako has co-written and co-produced many of Riot Games’ biggest releases. Furthermore, he was a team member that scored Riot Games’ debut TV series, Arcane.

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