Marcel Warren Returns With ‘Endgame’ EP On Lakota Raw

Marcel Warren is back with his brand-new release “Endgame”, featuring a remix from Mon.Ton on Lakota Raw. It is definitely not one to miss. Marcel has always aspired to embody the special energy emanating from a crowd when they connect with the music on the dancefloor. He does it with an unmatched talent and philosophy when it comes to his image and skills production skills. With an ever-growing discography of unmissable hits from Marcel, he has proved time and time again that he epitomizes his local Technoculture. His talents have allowed him to distinguish his career in the dance music world. Marcel’s innovative and original tendencies shine through with each of his releases, translating into his passion for the art of production and ‘Endgame’ is undoubtedly another one to add to the list.

Marcel Warren turns up the volume with “Endgame”

“Endgame” features two varying mixes called Red and Blue. These mixes totaled up as a dual production offering that iconic powerful entrancing vibe with complex drum rhythms, driving basslines and fuzzy snares wrapped up in ominous and dark FX. They are giving you everything you could want from a Techno tune of this nature. The Red mix takes a more aggressive approach, with haunting robotic elements that quickly introduce the heart-pounding bass as waves of rolling melodies transport you, making you lose yourself within the music.

The Blue mix takes a more minimalistic approach. It includes a choppy bassline, mixed in with the mechanical snare drum gradually developing with pace. Then, we are gripped by the first build-up as the bass gives way for a breath of fresh air as the kicks and basslines pause before the risers and snare rolls gather momentum with a progressively growing frequency. Afterwards, the energy quickly changes gear as the build-up turns into something that deserves a spot in any main room. Mon.Ton’s mix picks up the pace as he incorporates his intrinsic style by speeding up the tempo and throwing in those mesmeric heavy percussive elements into the mix to produce that deep, hard-driving sublimity some of us are looking for. 

Representing Marcel Warren is Lakota Music Raw, the label which seems to be the Techno powerhouse that keeps on delivering. With an overall objective for curating unique and impressive selections of Techno that are primed to ignite dancefloors in any setting, Marcel Warren fits right in with this one.

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