Mark Sherry – “Gravitational Waves” (Marco V Timelpase Remix) [Outburst Records]

How do you make a massive tech trance banger an even bigger one? It seems like Mark Sherry figured it out; just have tech trance legend Marco V remix it. The original track follows an appeal that Sherry seems to have for scientific things, as heard in one of his biggest releases “The Pillars of Creation”. It includes a vocal sample from “The Journey to the Edge of the Universe”. Likewise this track follows that same pattern with vocal samples from Brian Greene’s explanation of gravitational waves. Seems like the vocal samples play a huge role in the track’s title.

Marco V strips the track of said vocals and leaves it right to the drums. Rolling tomtoms layered over more drums give you a tribal tech feel. The sirens and samples fill up the rest and you ride a continuous bass line. Because of Marco V’s take on the original’s breakdown, the track takes on that uplifting feel for those moments in the club where you just need that peak moment. Marco V then brings is all the way back with hard hitting drums. Nothing dull about this remix! It will be sure to get you moving nonstop on the dance floor with its infectious drum patterns. Therefore, it is definitely a very fresh take on Mark Sherry’s original, and a treat for any avid Tech Trance fan. The track has hit the Top 20 mark and is available to purchase on Beatport.


Hailing from Scotland, Mark Sherry is currently the leading authority on tech trance. Mark has been around the trance scene for years now and is substantially praised. Because of his massive success with tracks likeHere Come the Drums“, “The Pillars of Creation” and “Gravitational Waves”, Mark has gained a massive audience worldwide. As a result, his remixes have had equal success most notably from his remix of “The Evil ID” by Max Graham which was a staple in every trance DJ’s sets for sometime. Recently, he has begun celebrating his 500th episode of his acclaimed show Outburst Radio.  Known for his hard hitting full energy trance records, he is revered in the trance community by legends such as Judge Jules, Scot Project, and many more including of course, Marco V.

Marco V has been around the scene since the early ’90’s. Today, he is one of the go-to producers for remix works such as Sherry’s Gravitational Waves. Experimenting with a wide array of sub-genres from Electro-House to Tech Trance. Consequently he’s produced a sound easily recognizable by dance fans around the globe with his use of rolling bass lines and soaring melodies. From 2000 till now he has mounted a stock pile of productions for the likes of ID&T, Maelstrom and many more including his own label In Charge. Due to all this and more, it’s no wonder fans hold him in such high regards such as legendary.


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