Markus Schulz and Emma Hewitt Release “Safe From Harm”

 “Safe From Harm”

The new track “Safe From Harm” is a significant achievement for Markus Schulz. It is his first collaboration with Emma Hewitt, featured singer in the song and popular among other Trance producers such as Cosmic Gate and Dash Berlin.

The release is available exclusively on Spotify. There is also an alternate version, but more on that later. Have a listen to the original track below.

Sounds & Composition

This vocal-centric track is lead by the gentle voice of Emma Hewitt. The intro is very glum with instrumental sounds like that of a piano playing in the background.  A few verses in, there is a subtle frequency sweep that transitions the song to the breakdown.

The breakdown displays a lovely instrumental piece where the vocals are sung along an instrumental melody. There are also sounds comparable to a plucked instrument similar to that of a guitar. The breakdown is also where a soft kick comes in, making the track feel danceable. As the breakdown continues, the guitar-like notes are replaced with a spacious synth playing the same melody.


Throughout the track, it maintains an unmistakable vibe of euphoria. The single is steady as it does not build dramatically or drop intensely. In fact, it contrasts the alternate version which has both of these elements.

The style is rather soft with an anthem-like sound. It is comparable to Progressive House rather than the Trance style sounds characteristic of Markus Schulz tracks.

Alternate Version

Indulge in the grandiose leads as well as euphoric soundscapes of this alternate version aired on Markus Schulz Global DJ Broadcast. The vocals deserve a listen as they speak to the loss of a significant other. Through the heartfelt lyrics, Emma Hewitt communicates to have faith in reuniting. The intensity of this version is more like a Trance track than the original’s progressive-house style.


This vocal-centric track still features the soft voice of Emma Hewitt. She articulates the words precisely as Markus Schulz improves the intelligibility of the vocals with careful mastering. The sibilance of the “s” sounds have undergone proper “de-essing” so that it does not drown out the vocals. The vocals match the rhythm of the spacious leads, allowing the chorus to be musically appealing.

Sound Design

The sound design maximizes the audibility of the vocals. The vocals are placed in the center of the mix so listeners can hear them the most. Furthermore, the placement of the vocals in the center of the stereo field puts it in between the leads. This gives the track an atmospheric soundscape, typical of Trance tracks. On that note, this version is more of a Trance track. Given its dependence on vocals, it is more accurately described as a Vocal Trance track.


The track composition involves an intro with a subtle build-up, followed by a breakdown featuring Emma Hewitt’s voice. It transitions to an uneasy build-up made dramatic by upward scaling. The Trance leads seem never to end.

At the climax, the spacious leads return to the top of the melody which plays with dubbed vocals after an intense snare-drum roll. The outro is a return to the glum vibes of the intro played with the same percussion and dance-pluck sounds.


Each component’s transitions have distinct vibes. The style starts out glum but changes to euphoric. As the first transition enters from the intro, the breakdown feels gloomy and mechanical. This works well with the lyrics that are equally dark. As the singing continues from the breakdown toward the second build, the track feels absent of the glumness, but not yet euphoric. Therein the second build, a sense of uneasiness emerges, replacing the glumness felt in the intro and breakdown.

The uneasiness is dramatic and intensified by sounds like the upward-scaling leads sped-up by power snares. At the climax of the second build, the tracks explode into euphoria with the chorus of spacious leads and dubbed vocals. The track phases out soon after, reverting to the glumness of the intro and playing the same percussion and dance pluck sounds. Listeners will journey through glum vibes and euphoria as they listen to the brilliant new track.

Markus Schulz

The accomplished DJ gains recognition from brands like Armada and Coldharbour Recordings for his hybrid sound. He is known for combing sounds from Trance and Progressive House into his own form of electronic dance music. Schulz also has millions of listeners on his World DJ Broadcast.

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