Mateo Paz: Latest Installment Of Gain #153 Is Now Live

Once again it is that time of the week again where Mateo Paz blows us out the water with his eclectic knowledge of all things Progressive music. This week’s edition of Gain features music such as Sergio Sanchez’s remix of Javier De Baraia’s “Still I Rise“, Zaros’ hit track “Malara”, an ID track from DJ Borra, Nobilis’ tune “Verum”, before closing the show with Amazonia’s “Ivory”.

Also, Mateo Paz shows off his musical talents each week as he mixes his one hour long broadcast, Gain, to perfection. Furthermore, he encapsulates the listener with every edition. Whether you are preparing for a night out or chilling at home, Mateo Paz’s latest installment, Gain #153, is the perfect soundtrack. New editions of the show are uploaded every Sunday so keep an eye out for the next installment of Gain by Mateo Paz.

Gain #153 Tracklist

  • Javier De Baraja -Still I Rise (Sergio Sanchez Remix) [AWEN] (00:00-07:53)
  • Ilya Gerus – Tell of Mountains (Original Mix) [COOD] (07:53-13:44)
  • Zaros – Malara (13:44-18:42)
  • Freya – Cosmic War (Extended Mix) (18:42-24:58)
  • DJ Borra – ID (24:58-31:57)
  • Pontias – Dockers [Récits de Mars] (31:57-38:40)
  • Nobilis – Verum (Original Mix) [BC2] (38:40-44:51)
  • TYGR TYGR – Evolution (Original Mix) [Frequenza] (44:51-51:03)
  • Ivory (IT) – Amazonia (Original Mix) [Frau Blau] (51:03-57:28)

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