Mateo Paz’s 148th Edition of “Gain” is Available to Listen to Now

Polish Progressive House sensation, Mateo Paz, is back for his weekly broadcast of Gain. This week’s mix is the perfect culmination of talented artists and brilliant songs, you can find music such as Behache’s “I Report”, Touchtalk’s “Choice”, Monolythe’s “Back To Dust” before closing the show with Stae’s huge track “Another Fall”.

Releasing both originals and remixes, Mateo Paz is an artist with energy, passion and emotion. He harnesses these beautifully in his productions. Mateo Paz’s love for music can also be recognised in his Gain broadcasts as he provides a different selection of tracks each week from both well known and rising producers across the globe.

The Gain broadcasts by Mateo Paz can be found every Sunday on YouTube and Mixcloud.

Listen to Gain #148



Mateo Paz Online

Gain 148

1. Beach – I Report [Cue] (00:00-06:11)
2. Pedro Mercado & Canada – The Genius [Chrom Recordings] (06:11-12:55)
3. Wall Brown – It’s One [Amber Blue Records] (12:55-17:38)
4. Touchtalk – Choice [Jannowitz Records] (17:38-23:45)
5. Aggro – In my room (Original Mix) [Serious Things] (23:45-29:27)
6. Monolith – Back to Dust (Original Mix) [Diskonnected Records] (29:27-35:38)
7. Stylo – See Me (Original Mix) [Voyeur] (35:38-41:08)
8. Touchtalk – Melody (Christian Drake Remix) [Jannowitz Records] (41:08-46:17)
9. Lemon – Spiral (Daniel Helmstedt Remix) [Anorrack Records] (46:17-51:50)
10. State – Another Fall (Original Mix) [Sounds of the Earth] (51:50-58:47)

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