Mathame Introduce Upbeat Remix of Monolink’s “Sinner”

Italian duo Mathame released a mesmerizing, melodic tech-house remix of Monolink's "Sinner"

Mathame is an Italian electronic music duo who have bridging the gap between mainstream and underground since 2013. Comprised of brothers Amadeo and Matteo Giovanelli, they began rising through the European scene after releasing on Vaal’s Bastaard label in 2015. Aside from composing innovative originals, Mathame have also remixed tracks produced by artists such as Rüfüs Du Sol and Meduza. On August 21, Mathame released their remix of German artist Monolink‘s track, “Sinner“. Born as Steffen Linck, Monolink released the original back in March. Mathame’s remix of Monolink’s “Sinner” is out now for download and stream via Embassy One.

Mathame’s Remix of “Sinner” is a steady party-starter

The remix gives off an underground club vibe as soon as it started playing. Monolink’s vocals, which already set the melodic mood of the original, have enhanced this remix. Furthermore, Mathame implemented dynamic soundscapes into the remix, giving the production a very cinematic feeling to it. This remix of “Sinner” sounds like a song that should be in a movie’s soundtrack. It just gives off this upbeat flow that people cannot stop listening to. Hopefully, people will hear this remix in public venues such as nightclubs and music festivals when they start up again.

Mathame’s rise as a melodic tech-house duo

The majority of the tracks that the Italian duo have produced, including this remix, are a beautiful blend of melodic house and techno. In 2019, the brothers went on a fantastic world tour spanning multiple continents. One of those locations was on Mexico City’s Reforma 180 heliport where they performed for French party streaming platform Cercle. On August 20, the day before the release of the “Sinner” remix, Mathame released a livestream set of their performances on the famous Sicilian stratovolcano, Mount Etna. Mathame’s production of this fascinating remix shows that Italy also has its own fantastic electronic music producers as well. To conclude, feel free to follow the brothers on Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram and Resident Advisor too.

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