Matoma & Magic! – “Girl at Coachella” feat D.R.A.M [Bad Royale Remix]

On my quest to find new music, I came across an artist named Matoma. Matoma, who has worked with Sean Paul and Popcaan, has come out with a new song called “Girl at Coachella.” The song is remixed by Bad Royale and features rapper/singer D.R.A.M.

The song starts with a soft guitar, and then airy and sweet, Magic! vocals come in. Magic! explains to the listener about his interaction with a girl that he just met. Magic’s vocals flow throughout the entire song; his relaxed vocals make you feel like you’re at the fairgrounds in Coachella. The reggae beats bring the background to the forefront alongside the trumpets, engulfing the listener with layers of music. Mid song, the beat gets faster and D.R.A.M starts rapping, and you get this euphoric feeling. People have raved about the song,many reviews from fans and professionals alike note the song as “epic” and “song of the year.”

Matoma is a world renowned EDM artist from Norway. While only being twenty seven years old, he has made his mark in EDM history. His recent collab with Magic! and D.R.A.M. has put him on the map for one of his best songs to date. With over thirteen million plays on Spotify, it’s no wonder why he will be one of the best EDM Djs of our generation. Hit after hit, whether they are remixes or originals, Matoma always comes through.

You can catch Matoma at The Panorama Music Festival in NYC this summer!

Check out Matoma here, also.

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