Matthew Schultz Drops his Latest Hit “Go”

Starting with blissed-out synths that set a mellow mood, Matthew Schulz’s distinctive lead vocals soon take centre stage. Musically, it feels like both a continuation and progression from his previous releases with elements of reggae, dancehall and EDM all fusing together into a seamless whole.

The way the track gradually builds is masterfully done. The music really beginning to cook around the first minute mark with the introduction of a pulsating, infectious beat. That beat is guaranteed to get people to the dance floor. The exotic flourishes of instrumentation add to the summery feel of the overall sound, working in perfect harmony with the track’s lyrics. It is hard to imagine a song more suitable for the hot summer months.

A man of many talents, he does not only produce stunning EDM tracks, but also he has had several acting roles. These include roles on the infamous TV series Real Housewives of New Jersey. Previously creating award winning, hip-hop influenced music, Matthew Schultz has found his groove in the depths of EDM. We are looking forward to hearing what else he has up his sleeve in the future.

Matthew Schultz’s has released “Go” himself and is out now.

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