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We’ve got another New Yorker making their way up the ladder for you. Maxwell George Schneider, otherwise known as MAX, is singing the piss out of every track he lays vocals on. When New Kids on The Block and Bruno Mars vocally fuse over dirty pop beats, an internet-age pop singer is born. A string of singles, EPs, collabs, lit live shows, covers and television tone up this singer’s industry portfolio. Raised in Hell’s Kitchen and Woodstock, New Yorker MAX has been singing since he could talk. As a natural to the stage, he began performing at the age of three as well as becoming an avid soccer player. It came to the point where he had to choose which to follow, and the decision was made shortly after he landed the attention of his first agent at 14 years old.

The Broadway stage, modeling with Madonna, and songwriting became the skills and everyday work for the young talent. Starring on Nickelodeon and working with pop sensation Cody Simpson, it was only a matter of time before Schneider stepped into his own and release his first EP
First Encounters” in 2010. An acoustic guitar and lyrics right out of a personal diary, “First Encounters” introduce this young man’s tender musical pizzazz. His next step was shortening his name to just MAX, signifying the full focus and growth on his music.

MAX cover for “Mug Shot”.

Hopping on his first tour in 2012 “Make it in America Tour”, all the chips were falling into place for MAX. The release of his EP turned album in 2015 “NWL” would house the first single to be released as MAX (“Mugshot”). The summer of 2015 was a boys summer for MAX. The Boyz of Summer Tour kicked off in June and had the roster of some first-rate artists. Still, very early in his career, MAX has been steadily working and creating well-constructed pop. Even adding his talent to additional acts, he took on the alter ego Party Pupils with RyanEXOE, MAX delivers stellar vocals above Chromeo-like retro beats.
If you’re looking for a done-right, sleek and glossy pop bundle, “Hell’s Kitchen Angel” is the perfect solution. His 2016 EP delivers vibrant vocals and head nodding production. It makes ya say “nice!” and your girl says “this is cuuuuttee bae”. Blazing beats, tight tenor vocals, and rock elements cape this tally of pop tunes. “Home” has the swag and grit of
heavy R&B, while “Basement Party” fevers your party system. The idea to have a basement party is a pretty clever and unique way to connect with your fans. Back in 2016, MAX held a full tour in real people’s basements out of inspiration from his song “Basement Party”. Over 500 requests for a basement party were submitted. When today’s young mint artists make these intimate career
choices, it sets a precedent for where this should be a regular occurrence. Can we expect more of this from him? And wouldn’t it be wonderful if others followed? Artist bringing the show to you is the best way to say thank you. Not just intimate moments with fans but intimate moments in his personal life as well. MAX shares on social media his marriage to Emily Cannon.

It always a treat when artists collaborate with each other. It brings attention to a wider audience and continues to do what music is meant to do, bring us together. Here at, we reviewed “One More Weekend” by Audien and MAX, a stellar team up to deliver a sterling EDM hit. Hits like “One More Weekend” and “Lights Down Low” ft Gnash credits MAX’s versatility, which is one important factor in being a musical success. Kicking off The Sleepover Tour with Gnash in April 2017, California grants MAX all the love any artist could hope for from their fans. Posting a sleepover video journal has become a way for his foreign fans to feel as if they are there, too. And that’s one way to give back.

With big performances at Lollapalooza and the continuation of The Sleepover Tour, MAX has got his 2017 all lined up. Cell phone lights in the air as his pure merit of singing take over you, we can only expect more personal moments from a very personal singer.

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