Maya Jane Coles Releases New Single “Run To You”

"Run To You" Released via I/AM/ME

“Run To You” immediately gives the listener a sultry feel as Maya Jane Coles combines romance and melancholy with Claudia Kane’s vocals. About 10 years ago the British-Japanese released “What They Say,” since then it has turned into a modern house classic.

Run To You Album cover

“Run To You” is bound to influence others. By mixing both new and familiar sounds and textures, Maya Jane Coles proves that sometimes it’s best to work outside the box. This newest single is on the way to dominate charts and playlists.

Maya stays immersed in the groove as her vocalists provide powerful vocals. It’s the perfect intertwinement that achieved an incredibly adventurous result. Maya brings out the absolute best in those that join her on a song, as she proved with “Run to You”.

“Run To You” is on its way to being a new house classic, it’s bound to show up in the club scene. Maya Jane Coles proves once again that her rich music career can extend wherever she wants it to go.

maya jane coles

Nocturnal Sunshine Releases “Full Circle”

Maya’s alter ego, Nocturnal Sunshine, is still campaigning the newest album, “Full Circle”. This 15-track album features collaborations with Young M.A, Peaches, and Ry X.

Part of the reason for the title of this album, “Full Circle,” was because of the genuine full circle I’ve recently done with my music. Everyone who knows me well knows that my first real music passion and entry point with production was hip-hop, but later down the line when things blew up for me with the more electronic stuff, I left that part of me aside as I was struggling to juggle so many different styles and projects at once.

Maya Jane Coles on the name of her newest album via Billboard

As Maya describes all of her songs on the LP individually, many of them bring her nostalgia. “Full Circle” truly takes listeners on a journey through her musical development.

Maya Jane Coles ‘Run To You’ featuring Claudia Kane was released 24th April via I/AM/ME.

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