Merk and Kremont – Sad Story (Out of Luck)

Merk & Kremont are an Italian production duo rising in popularity right now. The guys can switch between crafting progressive house club music one minute to effortlessly catchy pop anthems the next. The pair continuously demonstrates their diversity in crafting a wide variety of musical styles. Their latest produced hit, Sad Story (Out of Luck), only continues to add to their growing roster of diverse tracks. The duo focused their creative talent into sculpting this summer-anthem.

“Sad Story (Out of Luck)” surprises listeners with its bouncy melody despite the downcast song title. This song is a remix of Ady Suleiman’s original “Sad Story”. Remixing the song turned it into a sweetened, reenergized pop song. Released through Spinnin’ Records, “Sad Story (Out of Luck)” expresses what it is like to feel broken inside from a series of unfortunate events in one’s life. Indulgent vocals layer the foundation for the easily listenable track. This is such a simple song and it is extremely catchy in the way that the melody follows a tune you wouldn’t expect. The track starts with more mellow down-tempo sounds and builds itself up to a new pop-esque energy. The song continues to flow in that way; slowing and picking back up over the duration.

Inspiration For The Remix:

“We were coming back from a gig and we heard the original song on the radio – we had to Shazam it ‘cause we had never heard of it, but we both fell in love with it instantly and decided we just had to make our own version! We actually laid the first tracks that same night, even though we were so tired, we just had to do it. This is the result, and it feels like our best work yet.” – Merk & Kremont

More About The Duo:

The duo has released huge singles on labels such as Musical Freedom, Protocol Recordings, Revealed, Darklight, SIZE, and the powerhouse Spinnin’. The guys have raked in over 40,000,000 streams online. Some of the biggest DJs in the game support the duo. They have performed at many highly recognized festivals alongside artists such as Don Diablo, Martin Garrix, Avicii, and Steve Aoki.

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