Michael Brun Releases ‘Bayo’ With Music Video

Michael Brun

Michael Brun has long been a champion of his home country of Haiti. He has supported Haitian artists on many of his releases as well as philanthropic work alongside The Artist Institute and Beatmaking Lab. The producer most recently has begun exploring the traditional sounds of Haiti in his music. Michael Brun has recently dropped “Bayo”, his latest Haitian-inspired tune in his recent string of Haitian releases.

Michael Brun


Bayo is the third edition of Brun’s Haitian-inspired tracks. It follows Wherever I Go and Gaya, which are now massive hits in Haiti and have also amassed millions of plays on Spotify. Bayo features Haitian rappers Baky and Strong G, as well as Haitian popstar J. Perry. Michael discovered such entertainers during a recording session on the island of La Gonave.

The track is a combination of the traditional sounds of Haiti. It combines Afrobeat, Rara, Konpa, Hip-Hop, and Reggaeton with Brun’s modern EDM and pop sensibilities. Booming horns and Haitian drums provide the perfect backdrop for the fast-paced lyricism from Baky and Strong G singing in Haitian Creole. J. Perry’s hook is also guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days to come.


Michael Brun also released a music video for the track, shot in Haiti with fellow Haitian artists as well as children from the area of Jacmel. The video is about Haitian youth writing their own destinies and refusing to be defined by the tragedies in Haiti’s past. Michael writes in an Op-ed to Billboard:

We are writing our own Haitian anthems. These are voices that will be heard by the next generation of Haitian and these sounds will define Haiti for years to come.

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