Michael Brun and Kah-Lo come together for their new track ‘Spice’

Michael Brun and Kah-Lo transported us straight back to the 90s with their new track “Spice.” Kah-Lo came from Nigeria to New York to spread her talents worldwide. She has already received mass praise for her work in recent years. Her unique voice flows seamlessly over Brun’s infectious bass line in “Spice” like they were made for each other.

Brun is a Haitian DJ/producer that takes influence from his home and spreads it worldwide. His efforts in recognizing underrepresented talent and Haitian arts haven’t gone unnoticed. His recent profile in TIME was a major career definer for him, allowing fans to recognize him not only as a great artist but also as an admirable human.

These two powerhouses came together and gave us a contagious beat woven with their own separate cultures. Give “Spice” a listen down below!

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Connect with Kah-Lo

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