Mickey Valen Elegantly Remixes Madalen Duke’s “Gucci Store”

Mickey Valen is continuously releasing truly unique music. Valen’s releases with Lowly Palace have each hit over a million plays for obvious reasons. When you listen to Valen’s track you can truly feel the work he has done to emphasize the vocals while at the same time keeping an upbeat, poppy, and heavy bass sound. Madalen Duke’s “Gucci Store” has officially been elevated to the next level. Infusing a future bass flavor with a track that’s already poppy is a guarantee for repeated listening.

Madalen Duke’s vocals on this track are out of this world. Her voice pierces the soul and leaves you begging for more. The melodic pop beats in the background and the lower tones of bass compliment her voice perfectly to create a versatile that will appeal to many audiences.

At the young age of 13, Madalen began writing her own music, taking inspiration from some of her childhood favorites—Daughter, Kanye West, Fleet Foxes, Gwen Stefani and Ben Howard.

By the age of 16, she wrote and released her first EP, Carnival, while also preparing her live performances at local talent shows. Musical theater and songwriting took over Madalen’s life throughout high school. She moved to Vancouver to study creative writing while pursuing her dream of music. It was there that she found her sound – a scintillating hybrid of pop, electro, and house, coupled with an extremely rare vocal range.

With these two powerhouses teaming up together for this remix, a truly great track has been created. You can listen to the track at the link below. This is a MUST listen!

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