“Midnight” – Alesso and Liam Payne Drop Feel Good Song

Alesso drops newest hit in collaboration with Liam Payne

On April 8, 2020, Alesso dropped his new song, featuring Liam Payne, “Midnight.” On March 26, 2020, Alesso took to Twitter to find a singer for this song. Alesso is a GRAMMY-nominated artist and has accumulated almost 4 billion streams throughout his career. His talent has brought him to perform at global festivals. Tomorrowland, Ultra Miami, and EDC to name a few. Liam Payne, a multi-platinum-selling artist, has made quite the name for himself since separating from One Direction. Alesso says, “During these difficult times Liam and I hope this song can bring some light,” and “Midnight” does just that.

Midnight by Alesso and Liam Payne - single cover artwork

Collaboration between Alesso and Liam Payne

Alesso and Liam Payne teamed up to create their newest song, “Midnight.” Described as a song that will uplift the listener’s spirits in this time of despair. Payne starts out with relatable lyrics as the song transitions into Alesso’s positive build-up.

It’s a weird time for everyone, between quarantine and not knowing when things will get better. Alesso and Payne took the position the world is in and spun it into a positive light. Their performance video advertises that it was filmed in quarantine. There is no doubt that this pandemic will go down in history. These two made sure to show people they are keeping on with their lives during the quarantine. While doing this, they made a piece of visual art that documents the historical time society is in. The blending of the recordings in different locations shows that humanity can and will adapt.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out the performance video of “Midnight” yet, it’s worth the watch.

Alesso seems to share similar post-quarantine plans with the rest of the dance community.

Hopefully, this means we’ll be seeing him at our favorite events in 2020 and 2021. Payne is also helping fill the void of being stuck at home by tweeting his 89-song playlist on Spotify.

All in all, fans all over the world are thankful for “Midnight” and the good vibes it brings into their homes. The amazing music currently being released is helping us all get through.

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