Mike Mago Releases “Close To Me” Remix

Mike Mago

Mike Mago, Dutch DJ/producer, has been making music on his own record label BMKLTSCH RCRDS for several years now. Sporting over 50,000 followers on SoundCloud and even more on Spotify, his hit “Secret Stash” has 7.9 million streams. His newest release is a remix of the Wolves By Night track “Close to Me”. It was released on BMKLTSCH RCRDS at the end of November.

Wolves By Night explains why the track was so perfect for Mago:

Wolves By Night’s stunning voice, ace production, and the fact he is an overall great fella, made head honcho Mike Mago jump on the remix of “Close To Me”.

Mike Mago is a hands-on boss at BMKLTSCH RDRDS who also has some amazing skills to collaborate and remix his label-mates songs.

“Close To Me”

The original track features both production and vocals from Wolves By Night. Autotune vocals and electronic sounds are accompanied by a change of pace with added layers and samples. The build-ups are catchy, but the majority of the sound is there through the entire song and is a very melodic track.

Mike Mago decides to take the track into another direction. The remix is faster, with several layers from the original version stripped. However, such layers are added back throughout the track at interesting times. He adds different electronic sounds while removing snare samples that are abundant in the original.

The DJ lets you hear several different samples that appeared in the original version, but still manages to put it all back together at the end to leave you with the finished puzzle. He also manages to continuously shift your focus from the lyrics to the beat, forcing any listener to respect all aspects of the remix.

Wolves By Night Mike Mago
Wolves By Night

Mike Mago shows his ability to take a successful track and recreate it in a different way, while harvesting much of the original work. For example, taking out the snare sample was a minor detail that ended up having a big effect on the song. Th DJ is clearly talented enough to collaborate with artists and keep his fans satisfied.


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