Mikey Lion Samples Paris Hilton for ‘Road To Desert Hearts’ EP Entry

The third stop of the ‘Road To Desert Hearts’ series has arrived in Mikey Lion’s ‘I Feel High,’ and with it, even more excitement for the upcoming flagship festival. It comes at just over two months before the event, and follows previous ‘Road To Desert Hearts’ entries from Lee Reynolds and Porky, who worked with Memo Rex and Mitch Dodge, respectively. ‘I Feel High’ is Mikey Lion’s first release of the new decade. The two-tracker shows off a nuanced dimension of Lion’s production persona.

It started with the grooving, yet minimally minded title opener whose consistency churns dancefloors. “That’s Hot” closes Mikey’s EP on a high-charged note, readying itself for the afterhours with vibrant synth bits. The highlight in ‘I Feel High’s’ B-Side is Paris Hilton, whose sampled ASMR vocals are included in the mix. This ‘I Feel High’ EP from Mikey Lion is a great addition to the ‘Road To Desert Hearts’ series. It is definitely worth listening to in every setting and occasion.

Download ‘I Feel High’ here

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