Minnesota’s “Final Frontier” Takes Listeners to Outer Space

“Final Frontier”

Minnesota is back yet again with another heavy hitter. “Final Frontier” is the second release from his Outer Realms record label. The first being, “Snake Charmer”, a more downtempo, but still bass heavy track. Releasing hit after hit, this DJ is certainly on a roll this year. Minnesota’s forward and futuristic beats are otherworldly and his tracks are refreshing and exciting for bass lovers alike.

His release of ‘Curio’ in March featured tracks such as “Technique” and the long-awaited “Hi-Low (VIP)”, which became an anthem in 2017. Release after release, fans have been keeping a close eye on the DJ. Minnesota shocked listeners once again in April with his “Bicycle Day Mix” which truly showcased his capabilities in experimental bass. The prolific DJ continues to impress and fans are ready for more and “Final Frontier” is the track to do so.

Listen to “Final Frontier” below:

Track Review

The beginning of the track prepares listeners to blast off with a slow build up that layers over time. The BPMs increase, allowing for a deep and heavy drop to follow. Minnesota’s ability to layer beats while applying heavy drops is impressive. “Final Frontier” is an amazing crossover of free-form bass and traditional dubstep.

The track hits hard and fast and the energy of the song doesn’t dissipate. “Final Frontier” is one of those brain melting tracks that bass lovers are always searching for. Minnesota brings listeners to outer space in this track and blows their minds. “Final Frontier” is truly a unique hit.

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Outer Realms

“Final Frontier” has solidified Minnesota’s label, Outer Realms and fans should keep an eye out for more from the label. Minnesota’s past releases have all been from Wakaan, Liquid Stranger’s label. The success of Wakaan will definitely help shine the light on Outer Realms. And perhaps some collabs are in order for the future between the two; fans can only hope. So far, “Snake Charmer” and “Final Frontier” are all that Outer Realms has released, but with Minnesota’s recent activity, there are sure to be more.

Overall, Minnesota has been killing it in 2018 and it’s important that listeners keep an eye on what he delivers for the rest of the year.

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