Mizeyesis – ‘Seven Systems’ (Faction Digital Recordings)

Mizeyesis is one of those rare artists whose scope ranges beyond traditional DJ/producers. She is one of the co-founders of HEADY, a successful recurring event in New Haven, CT. The event focuses on beats, art and cuisine in a unique and revolutionary style. She is also the US Manager, promoter and DJ/producer for the acclaimed DnB Girls. Locally, she is one-third of “The ART aka the Amen Ra Trifecta” (along with fellow artists Elijah Divine and Mesenjah), and DJ/producer and promoter of New England Junglists. All of that, and Mizeyesis is also releasing her EP, ‘Seven Systems‘, May 10, 2017.

‘Seven Systems’ is a standout DnB/jungle document for many reasons: its nods to past sonic influences, its atmospheric and moody power and its glistening production. The album has not left my car nor my phone since I first received the tracks and that says a lot. This is a prime slice of beats and treats that stands up to repeated listening. Here’s the breakdown:

STANDOUTS: “The Ancients”, “Connected Souls”, “Say It..”

1. The Ancients (8:27)

Beautiful, rich ambience of ancient textures and atmospherics laid over a serpentine groove. Each layer is expertly introduced and sequed; Miz’s time-tested DJ skills are in full effect in the song’s production and polish. Gently snarling basslines punctuate the esoteric soundscape, creating
both cerebral trance and physical dance. Midbreak features mesopotamian and Asian flourishes in eclectic cymbal and gong. The groove is sensually meta: a great opener as well as standalone slow-burner. This is what Nefertiri’s Song of Seduction might have sounded like in the long-lost jungles
of the Nile, ages before the land and the ancients themselves diminished to desert and legend.
A delightful departure, in vibe and texture.


2.  Connected Souls (5:23)

Dreamy synths glide over classic drum and bass grooves that, for this reviewer, harken back to the gloriously heady mid-90s. Easily one of the concept album’s  superstar floorfillers,  the tune vacillates between frothy dnb nirvana and sparser rhythmic bursts and fills. The bridge build spacy then strips down to “bassics”, then it’s back to the lovely main groove, with an absolutely perfect bassline. (yes, I said lovely. Deal with it as you feel with it.) The track ends as cosmic as it begins. Classic modern vintage DnB!! I expect this track to be in my top 40 tracks of the year, regardless of genre.


3.  Child Family Interlude (3:54)

Dark atmospherics and simple but pulsing percussion give way to moody, liquid synth changes punctuated by ethereal vox samples. While not as standout as the two previous cuts, the tune serves as a gateway, a foretaste of what every release like this needs: the dark sound of jungle and deep urban cut-science with the ghost of Trip-Hop Past. Visual artists as well as artistic interests in and beyond EDM should check this ASAP.

4.  Love… the tie that binds (5:31)

Straight-ahead d’n’b, solid amen-like underpinning with spacy pads floating crossgrain against the rhythmic cut-chemistry. Breaks between the body of the tune add flair and artistry. the track is pure drum’n’bass: rhythm and sub bass punctuated only by dreamstate synth washes, well-timed percussion and bells. “Love” flows like the emotion itself: ever-changing, by turns light and heavy, and above it all, a singular, hypnotic propulsive emotion. More experimental than the previous d’n’b tracks. An elixir concocted from the master mixer herself.

5.  Say it.. (5:58)

Highlighting her jazz roots, this dreamy but tough track intertwines third-stream keyboard voicings with a wonderful sax sample, all riding on sharp syncopation. Tricky percussion changes and programming make this track stand out, and the down-tempo back builds into ambiance and light noise flow in like changing wind patterns, diverting, then returning to the tune’s swinging business-at-hand. Like all great productions, every element is introduced, faded out, suddenly reintroduced, and then variations on previous themes converge: a swirling melting pot of atmospheric DnB.

6.  Ruffneck 3rd Eye Junglist (feat. Elijah Divine) (6:54)

The EP’s dark journey into the subterrenean world of jungle is highlighted by fellow Amen Ra Trifecta member, Elijah Divine, whose toast is both spiritual and mysterious as Kundalini himself. The deluge of breaks following are modern vintage: long-lost fire recast in today’s urban junglism. This track has literally NOT left my car in nearly 3 weeks, and stands as long and as strong as any major artist’s release in the genre. Building by subtraction and reinvention is the key to this track’s hypnotic overdrive. Diamond-hard, sweet fiyah!

7.  Higher Self (6:01)

Mizeyesis’ use of varied and alternate percussion, rather than the standard kits and surgical amen-breakery, really gives this and the preceding tracks a flavour and grace that, to this mind, is a breath of fresh air. As with “Ancients”, the accents are atmospheric, and the addition of ambient effects and minor-key sequencing floats over the track’s rolling rhythmic foundation like stratus clouds over a choppy inlet. One of those moody, varying shades of grey jams, “Self” is an entity unto itself. Lovers of ambient dnb will be immediately entranced by this prime slice of dance.

Mizeyesis’ bi-weekly show, “The Aural Report” can be heard on Her distinctive live attack will be heard at:

13 May: Memories: The ADC Reunion, John Higgins Armory, Worcester, MA
20 May: Tight Crew Pres. Under the Sea: the Little Plurmaid, Windjammer, Westerly, RI
29 May: DNB Girls x Konkrete Jungle NYC, The Delancey, NYC, NY
02 June: Phat Astronaut Party, Cafe 9, New Haven, CT
03 June: HEADY, Pacific Standard Tavern, New Haven, CT

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