Talk about Techno: MMM Releases Single “Infinity Crash”

“Infinity Crash”

Out now via Killekill Records

Dense, rough, and raw sounds dominate this techno track, “Infinity Crash”, by MMM. Featuring peculiar sounds acid bass-lines to lo-fi noise impulses, the sound design is simple and satisfying. On beat at club-tempo, this track has groove to move the crowd. Have a listen to MMM’s intense trippy techno sound  in “Infinity Crash”.

Track Review

Sound Design

“Infinity Crash” holds true to the techno genre for its slow tempo, round thumping kicks, riding clash cymbals, and groove. Also, the track dares to push beyond the boundaries of techno with its rough, raw acid bass-line that solos throughout the track. Furthermore, some very simplistic, lo-fi noise impulses snap, crackle and pop  intermittently as the main element in the track’s break. Amazingly, such simple sounds travel in space due to the effects of reverberation that turn these noises into curious sounds. Listenrs can observe these sounds migration in the stereo-field as they come panning in from far left and right, then slowly closing in behind the listener.


The beat holds  the groove down nicely throughout the track with a 2-step rhythm played by a round kick drum and a loose power-snare. The track does have a few quirky percussive elements where a tom-tom style drum seams to interject in later parts of the track in a manner that is seemingly random and tastefully out of rhythm.

"Infinity Crash"
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Interestingly the low-fi noise impulses and the rough and raw textured acid bass-line cut through the mix very clean without drowning out the percussive elements. This is especially significant as the audibility of the percussion influences the listeners sense of beat, consequently, the dynamics of the sounds are equalized in proper mixing of the track. Furthermore, “Infinity Crash” plays without any issues of loudness as the chorus of instruments remain audible throughout the track.


The trippy acid sounds, and lo-fi noise impulses are abrupt, commanding yet musically appealing so as to entice the listener into feeling its fierce vibes. The percussive elements, such as the riding clash cymbal create a sense of steadiness and groove. The overall vibe is fierce, yet it settles well to the ear making for a feeling that is  mellow at times and intensifying at others in a sort of ebb-and-flow.

Audience Reaction

The social media coverage of the track is not so indicative of the reactions to “Infinity Crash” at the moment. Furthermore, the authorized track description on Beatport is as much a reaction as any because the writer listening to the track had very generous information about it:

We start off with a track by MMM, the legendary duo consisting of Fiedel and Errorsmith, known for pushing the boundaries with every of their very rare releases. This one is an extremely simple, but effective weapon to destroy all dancefloors with its slightly loutish appeal.

As for the dance floor ready track, clubbers and DJs have yet to share the effects of this groove-laden, trippy techno track.  All the more reason to share this track with likely audiences. Share your “Infinity Crash” experience with the producers, MMM (a.k.a. Fiedel and Errorsmith) and the  record label Killekill .

About MMM

The producing artists from Berlin, Germany, Fiedel and Errorsmith, combine forces under the alias MMM as they have in the release single “Infinity Crash” on the Killekill Megahits III album via Killekill Records. MMM is a decades old acid techno influenced name that continues to live on in the techno scene of Berlin.

Independent artists of MMM, Fiedel and Errorsmith are active Djs and Producers in the Berlin techno scene. Fiedel, is a resident DJ of Berghain, and Errorsmith has invented the RAZOR synthesizer with Berlin based manufacturer Native Instruments.

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