Møme and Ricky Ducati Connect for New Single “Got It Made”

Møme and Ricky Ducati have released a brand-new single titled “Got It Made“. It is a feel-good summer jam and the duo’s first collaboration since 2018’s “Sail Away“. “Got It Made” serves as the first single from the duo’s forthcoming album, Flashback FM, which plans to release sometime in 2021. The album name is an homage to Flash FM, the vaunted radio station on the beloved GTA game, Vice City.

“Got It Made” is a disco-tinged track that draws on ’70s and ’80s sonic influences. These groovy influences also set the tone for the release of the forthcoming album. The throwback jam contrasts nicely with the futuristic music video. The music video for “Got It Made” features two robots dancing freely and rocking moves in an animated, utopian landscape.

Møme and Ricky Ducati shared some insights into the track:

For us, “Got It Made” and the Flashback FM album is a time travel to the 70’s/80’s Los Angeles. We would have loved to know California at this time and imagined “Got It Made” while driving down Hollywood at 4 p.m. as the sun starts setting”.

Møme and Ricky Ducati shared some insights into the track

Watch the “Got It Made” music video above. Finally, stay on the lookout for more releases from Møme and Ricky Ducati over the coming months:

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