Mon.Ton Releases “Aphrodit ve Myrrah” on Lakota Raw

Mon.Ton returns with his unique, dark-techno style by releasing "Aphrodit ve Myrrah"

Mon.Ton is back with that darker Techno sound you have been craving. “Aphrodit ve Myrrha” is the latest release from Mon.Ton via Lakota Raw. It begins with a fast tempo forcefulness to the beat that will have you instantly moving along. The intensity only ever builds as different elements come in and out of the forefront keeping your sense busy whilst totally consuming you within the depths of the music.

Just when you think “Aphrodit ve Myrrha” can’t be taken to another level, Mon.Ton stamps his authority on the track. In fact, he produced a booming breakdown with hypnotic yet haunting vocals. Afterwards, he sent the track into chaos for a domineering and spine-tingling drop.

The single also comes with a remix from none other than Mexican sensation Lorely Mur who has produced unique tracks such as “Frission” and “The Route of Voyager 2”. Furthermore, Lorely’s mix is totally unique to the original and features a relentless groove as the tattering of percussive hi-hats drive the track. Lorely has kept the beautifully haunting vocals from the original as a key staple but has introduced a much grittier sound. Spacey and atmospheric with a classic techno beat. What more could you ask for?

Mon.Ton launched his sound earlier this year after testing the waters with his deeper and darker cuts of Techno. Now, he has stamped his signature on the Techno scene with hits such as his Green Fairy EP. It has tracks like “The Dead Don’t Die” and “Black Window” which generated quite the reception across the board. To conclude, Mon.Ton will introduce more releases in the future. It is looking like the Mon.Ton sound is set to take over. 

“Aphrodit ve Myrrha” is out now to download and stream via Lakota Raw.

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