Mon.Veloper Drops Their Debut Collab “Sleep” on Lakota Raw

Mon.Veloper is the new collaborative project from Techno powerhouses Mon.Ton and The Enveloper. Mon.Veloper’s debut track “Sleep” has finally hit the underground Techno scene with full force as its hard-hitting, hair-raising and aggressive beats initiate the track, setting the tone instantly. The merging of talents has resulted in an insane whirlwind that will have you stomping along to the march-like beats.

Intricately crafted rises of pressure are broken up with a sultry vocal. Meanwhile, an erratic beat takes over with hits of high pitch analogue sounds.  The track constantly returns back to the mighty and dominating drive that ignites the track, in the beginning, keeping it interesting yet dark and mysterious. The track’s title may be “Sleep: but it certainly does not lack in energy!

Techno legend Toma Hawk is the man behind the moniker Mon.Ton. He has spent the last year developing a sound that is instantly recognisable with a signature deep and dark sound that’s intense yet inviting. His discography boasts renowned releases such as “Green Fairy” and “Aphrodite ve Myrrah“. Teaming up with The Enveloper has seemingly been a perfect blend of talents with the artist already having released “Wicked” just last month on Toma Hawk’s label Lakota Music. Sit tight as we can expect to hear many more collaborations in the future!  

“Sleep” is out now via Toma Hawk’s Lakota Raw.

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