MOOKE DA GXD – “Free First Drink”

Who doesn’t like free drinks? I’m with it and I’m even more with this song. This is the second track on Mooke Da Gxd new “Glamourous” EP which just dropped. The song has a deep kick, with a touch of high hats and claps that hit you right in the face. The production is extremely crisp and you really can hear each sound play so nicely together. Mooke comes in with a catchy and dope rap that talks about being that cool dude in the club getting them free drinks (goals) and of course talks about blunts, dancing and running shit, so it’s totally my kind of track. 

The start of the track introduces you to this icy dark beat and then before you know it turns into a club track. This one is a serious head bopper- once you hear that kick start, you will not be able to stop bopping your head. “Trynna hit the club for the free first drink” is our hook here and is brought out numerous times over the entire song played through different filters and effects. The outro then comes in before you know it and adds a crazy bassline to the song which then later connects over to the next track on the EP, which I think is pretty cool. Check this one out, I’m sure you’ll be bopping along. 

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